Chateau Gaby

Chateau Gaby

The first vines were planted on Gaby’s hills around 1660. Vines were already cultivated of course on Fronsac land during the Gallo-Roman period, but winegrowing took off significantly in the Middle Ages.

In the beginning, wine sales were mainly directed at England and the local wines were very much liked at the royal court. Today, they are enjoyed all over the world. A long time ago, Château Gaby positioned itself amongst the best Fronsac wines as a result of a quality focus that has remained practically uninterrupted.

The Gaby estate belonged to the De Kermoal family for more than 250 years. After changing hands twice in quick succession, the Curl family took over in 2006. At that time, considerable investment and restoration work was lavished on the estate at all levels.

David and Geneviève Curl developed their ambition to make Château Gaby one of the greatest right bank wines and a leader of its appellation.

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