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Taylor & Smith is made up of Natalie Smith and Ben Taylor, based in Moonah, a suburb of greater Hobart.

The brainchild of Natalie Smith and Ben Taylor, Taylor & Smith Gin is Tasmania's latest gin venture. What sets them apart from an already crowded market is the use of apple spirit as a base spirit before they add 17 botanicals, many of which are Australian natives.

It's this mixture of traditional and contemporary botanicals that give Taylor and Smith Gin its beautifully complex aromas and flavour. Aside from the requisite juniper, Natalie and Ben use things like Tasmanian pepper berry, local kombu seaweed, leatherwood honey (from their own hives), and native Kunzea - a herb similar to rosemary, but slightly sweeter and not as pungent.

Ingredients aside, the final result is a beautifully fragrant gin, with a complex palate, loaded with citrus, herb, and ground spice flavours. A lovely match with tonic, or just sipped neat, with a light chill.

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