Onyx Coffee Spirits

Onyx Coffee Spirits

Onyx Coffee Spirits Australia

Onyx Coffee Spirits - Create, innovate, graft & craft. These are the guidelines we follow when we throw on the white coat and goggles in the lab. Some of our best times are spent mixing and matching our Coffee flavours with our home-grown spirits to create our flagship flavours.

Our Onyx blend is a combination of smooth low-acid coffees from South America and refined fruity, full-bodied East African coffees. To round it out we use a mix of beans from Asia that include a unique honey-process.

Our Portuguese copper pot still is the pride and joy of the Onyx Lab. The pedigree of the creators (Copper Alembic) is such that they have been building copper products for over 180 years and we’re glad we get to reap the benefits.

Our end spirit products are blended in specialist vats using our cold brew coffee, vodka, sugar and again our own water. Each batch is rested to allow the flavours to wholly combine before we draw samples that go into our lab for further testing. Thursdays are our favourite day at Onyx as this is when we taste test the latest products. Always striving to innovate and deliver cutting edge coffee spirits products to our customers.

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