Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary Gift Pack 700mL

Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary Gift Pack 700mL


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Jack Daniels Set of 2 Spirit Glasses in Wooden Collectors Box

Jack Daniels Spirit Glasses in Wooden Collectors Box

Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary Gift Pack 700mL

To celebrate two decades of rum perfection, Plantation have released Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary Gift Pack that includes two stunning glasses to sip the exquisite 'double-aged' vintage. Aged first in the region of origin - the Caribbean - Plantation Rum is then shipped to France at cask strength to begin its second ageing process in small French oak casks.

The resulting taste, aroma and nose is smooth and rich with the full body and unique character that you would expect from rum that has aged in such a manner. (Please see tasting notes in the description below). Try this very special rum for yourself or buy it as a present. Definitely one for anyone who appreciates the finest rums. 

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Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary Rum Gift Pack 700mL 40% ABV

From the birthplace of rum - Barbados - comes Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary Gift Pack, with two glasses to set the scene and get your next party started. The special anniversary edition is part of the plantation series -- the brainchild of Alexandre Gabriel, President of the famous Cognac Ferrand. It is worth looking at the process used to make this double aged spirit. As with whisky or cognac, the skill of the distiller is paramount in the final quality of the rum. It is the artisan's art or skill that turns the raw product (sugar cane or molasses in the case of rum) into the final product.

The rum is then aged for several years in the humid climate of the Caribbean before the next phase, which is the shipping of the rum to France for a final ageing process in small French oak casks. This step is one of the most unique in the industry and the reason for the unique full-bodied and smooth taste. Cognac Ferrand has been using this method to create the finest aged rum for over 20 years. The Plantation Extra Old 20th Anniversary Rum was released in 2009 to celebrate this history as well as Gabriel's 20th anniversary at Cognac Ferrand. Backed by stunning packaging, this is a remarkable rum ready for any collector's top shelf. Try it neat to enjoy the delicate, aged character!

Tasting Notes:
Bright mahogany in colour. Restrained nose nevertheless entices with vanilla slice, creme caramel, dried coconut and choc-fudge notes - the prelude to a dessert lover’s dream. The theme continues on the palate. Extraordinarily rich and luxuriously textured, flavours of praline, creme caramel, barley sugar and coconut melt in the mouth. Silky mouth feel. Long aftertaste of confectionary and dried coconut. For all its sweetness - and this is very sweet and coconutty - this rum manages to maintain sufficient freshness. 
More Information
Price / Unit Pack
Bottle/Glass Size 700mL
ABV% 40
Brand Plantation Rum
Varietal Dark Rum
Country of Manufacture Barbados
Box Yes
Collector Rating 6
Condition New
Closure Cork
Date of Release 20 Oct 2001
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