Baldwin Distilling Co.

Baldwin Distilling Co.

Baldwin Distilling Co

Baldwin Distilling Companies, Bourbon Style Whiskies, will be differentiated from other American Brands through using only the best parts of the distillation and quality Australian raw materials:

Corn - The Griffith area in NSW is better known for it's fruit, wines and rice production but just a little South is Darlington Point is where the largest manufacturer of Popcorn in Australia, grow their corn​. The corn is dried to around 13% moisture content, harvested then ground into what is called "small grits". It is then put in 1000kg bags and shipped to Baldwin Distilling.​

Barley - Australia produces some of the best barley in the world with exports hitting well over 4.3 Million Ton in 2015. European Brewers love our Malted Barley for it's flavour and Diastatic Power which means it is one of the best for converting starches into sugars; a key part of the brewing/distilling process.

Rye - Rye is a member of the wheat family and is also closely related to barley and in Australia, it is mostly used in the making of bread and cereals. Australia has a unique Rye variety called "Bevy" but unfortunately the market here is very erratic. Baldwin Distilling relies on the expertise of Joe White Malts to provide their Whiskies/Bourbon's "peppery" flavour that Rye is well known for

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