An open letter to our customers and suppliers from the CEO
Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  
I hope it goes some way to explain who we are here at MYBOTTLESHOP.COM and what we can do for YOU.
The first thing to understand about is that we are an ONLINE LIQUOR SUPERSTORE, not a traditional bricks-and-mortar liquor store. We have built a technology platform that enables us to drop ship and backorder products from suppliers as well as ship products from our warehouse just in time and on-demand.
For our valued customer and suppliers this means:
a) the range of products at will be significantly LARGER and DIFFERENT to every other liquor store,
b) we hold very little stock in order to range more,
c) many items on our site are shipped directly from our supplier to your door to save time and save the environment.


BUT... Our technology platform means you need to understand our product availability when you place an order. Some products are available for immediate delivery, some are on back-order with our supplier, some products are shipped directly from our supplier and some products are pre-orders. Check our Terms Page so that you understand WHEN you can expect to receive your order. 

Our company motto is: 

MYBOTTLESHOP.COM Online Liquor Super Store --> Drink Better, Experience More... ™

In other words, we may take longer to deliver your drinks because we are working hard to source the best.  That takes time. But we can promise you it will be worth the wait and if you are not happy with the end result, you can have your money back.  No questions asked!

The good news about our technology platform is that is at the forefront of the new drinks revolution, where customers are consuming less but consuming better from a much larger range of drinks products. More and more consumers are looking to have a top-shelf drinks experience right in their own home and MyBottleShop provides the liquor, the mixers, the glassware and the tools to create an immersive drinks experience at home. From hand-wrapped gifts, digital gift cards, bottle engraving, unique gift packs, 2-hour delivery, product reviews, serving suggestions, 14,000 products, tasting notes, click and collect, message cards, tasting events, sample bottles, gifts with purchase, online chat, and personalised service, MyBottleShop works hard to give consumers the best online drinks experience available in Australia today. currently has nearly 100,000 subscribers, over 14,000 product lines, and Australia's most advanced delivery network.  With many bricks and mortar liquor stores in decline, sales are growing at double-digit rates.  Within 5 years will account for about 5% of the Australian online drinks market or around $20 million in annual sales. 

By ranging unique, small-batch, craft, hand made and limited edition products MyBottleShop can deliver beer, liqueur, and spirits where the huge supermarket chains cannot. Combine the unique product range with warehouse management and logistics software that is second to none, has a potent product and service delivery model that makes it a leader in the space.

Today's liquor retailing landscape is about delivering a better quality drinks experience. In the past, it was all about mass-produced drinks produced by large scale manufacturers that dominated the liquor retailing industry. Today it's about small-batch breweries in small industrial estates, distilleries on a family farm, and wineries with one paddock of vines. All lovingly crafted by hand.

MYBOTTLESHOP.COM is the retail partner for this new movement.

  1. We are nimble where the major supermarket retailers are slow.
  2. We are connected directly to customers, where the supermarkets are unsure where to go next.
  3. We handle small volumes from small producers where the monopolies need much more just to fill the shelves.
  4. We are plugged into social media in real-time where supermarkets see social media as just another corporate messaging opportunity.

Since its inception in 2014, has initiated innovations every step of the way for the sole purpose of better serving our customers:

  • The world's first true liquor technology company enabling a huge selection of top quality products;
  • The first online liquor retailer to implement live chat;
  • The first to offer hand gift wrapping and gift cards on every product all the time;
  • The first to implement live real-time tracking for deliveries;
  • The first to implement bottle engraving for gift giving;
  • The first to buy private bottle collections online;
  • The first liquor retailer to offer 50mL sample bottles of spirits for customers to try before they buy;
  • The first liquor retailer to offer payment plans for expensive purchases;
  • The first liquor retailer to tell consumers who EXACTLY makes the product they are buying;
  • The first liquor retailer to offer 2 hours Sydney delivery for over 2000 product lines;
  • The first liquor retailer to offer tasting notes and serving suggestions for all drinks products;
  • The first liquor retailer to match drinks with mixers and glassware for an immersive in home drinks experience; 
  • The first e-commerce liquor retailer to implement an end to end ERP software system directly connected to the website that allows barcode scan packing, automated drop shipping, live stock management, integrated purchasing and step by step customer notifications.

Welcome to the world of the licensed e-premise!  Thank you and here's to drinking BETTER not more!!


Steven Rider